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Our Volunteer Code of Conduct

You, (“the Volunteer”) are onboarding online and you are confirming your agreement on the Volunteer Code of Conduct with:

Brentwood Mutual Aid an unregistered volunteer organisation based in Brentwood, Essex, UK.


  • Brentwood Mutual Aid (BMA) and its volunteers, collectively, provide critical social services to vulnerable, isolated and quarantined residents of the Brentwood area (“Aid Recipients”).
  • The Volunteer wishes to register with BMA  to provide some or all of the social services to the aforementioned Aid Recipients.
  • The Volunteer understands by registering, that they need to adhere to BMAs policies and this volunteer code of conduct and that the leadership team of BMA will make amendments to this code of conduct, and it is the responsibility of the Volunteer to keep up to date with any changes.

The Volunteer will not share a resident’s personal information in our Neighbourhood WhatsApp groups or on our Facebook group under any circumstances.  This includes even a residents’ first name or door number.

If the personal information isn’t yours, do not share it unless in a private WhatsApp message or telephone call with someone from the BMA Admin Team where the information is required to give assistance to a resident or another volunteer.

The Volunteer will always carry photographic ID when carrying out tasks for BMA.

Once approved as a volunteer you will be issued with a BMA ID card but if you are yet to receive it, always carry your passport or driver’s licence.

Never enter a resident’s property unless in an emergency, even if they ask, without explicit consent from the BMA Admin Team.

This is to protect you as much as it is to protect the resident.

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